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What types of 4×4 tours do we offer?

What types of 4×4 tours do we offer?

Founded out of love for adrenaline and for the beautiful nature of Transylvania, our company has nothing in common with a regular travel agency. That’s because, although we take tourists from all over the world to the most beautiful places in Romania, we are using 4×4 vehicles to do that. That means you’ll also visit not-so-popular and not so easy to find tourist attractions – and believe us, Romania has quite a few hidden gems! Wanna hear more about our off-road 4×4 tours?

First of all, what’s an off-road tour?

An off-road tour is a must-have adventure with a 4×4 vehicle over rough roads on which you cannot drive a regular car. Why choose a 4×4 off-road tour? Well, some people go on off-road tours just for the fun of driving on this type of road, while others are going for the experience and the breathtaking landscapes. 

If you’re not sure whether a 4×4 tour is a right option for you when visiting Romania, let us tell you a little bit about our tours:

Are you a big group of friends looking for the best way to discover Romania‘s most beautiful natural landscapes? Then this is the perfect tour for you! Our team will take you to the most beautiful places of Romania where you’ll be able to enjoy some breath-taking views, eat amazing traditional food and fill your lungs with fresh air.  

Our guide will lead the way through some of the most impressive landscapes of the country, while you’ll be driving the next 4×4 car and enjoy the amazing views Romania has to offer!

If you’re in the Human Resources field or maybe you’re managing a small team, we bet you are always on the lookout for fun activities for the team! Look no further! 

Our Off-road trips are exactly what your company needs! Instead of the regular team-building activities, where you and your employees go somewhere to have a drink and eat something, try adding some adrenaline by choosing one of our 4×4 tours.

This type of tour is perfect for people who work in an office from Monday to Friday, helping them disconnect from the office stress and the crowded cities. 

Are you looking to impress your father-in-law with a great anniversary gift? Or maybe your kids are having a hard time disconnecting from social media? This type of 4×4 tour will make them forget about TikTok or Instagram and wish for more fun outdoor activities!

This is the best opportunity to release some stress and enjoy beautiful landscapes, amazing food and have lots of fun with your friends and family. Great time and adrenaline are guaranteed on our trips – we didn’t find anyone yet who’s not excited to drive a 4×4 car on Transylvania’s amazing roads! 

Have you heard that Transylvania is home to the greatest driving road in the world?

Jeremy Clarkson from TopGear said in one episode that Transfagarasan is “The world’s best road” dropping the Stelvio Pass from Italy from first to second place. 

Well, imagine if James, Jeremy, and Richard were driving 4×4 cars instead! If you’re looking for a TopGear-like experience, just choose a 4×4 Private Tour and we’ll take care of the rest!

Our Private tours are for people from all around the world who want to have an exclusive off-road trip, enjoy the landscapes, the food, and also the adrenaline. Our tours are the best way to escape the daily stress from the office and the crowded city. Enjoy a private adventure around Transylvania with our 4×4 vehicles and our experienced staff and have a great time with your friends. 
If you are not convinced yet which 4×4 tour suits you best, just contact us and you will receive a personalized recommendation from our great team!

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