4×4 Adventures in Romania with your off road vehicles – 6 Days 


Get off the beaten tracks and enjoy 4×4 adventures tour in Romania. You will have fascinating off road and nature experience. We climb the mountains for the breathtaking views, enjoy a cup of coffee in front of stunning landscape, meet local people and eat delicious homemade food. You will see spectacular lakes in the Carpathians Mountains, rivers, canyons, authentic villages where time has stood still and experience the traditional way of life in the countryside. Will be a great experience!

During the tour accommodation can be 4 *pensions in the mountains or wild camping. 

Departure from Brasov and Arrival in Arieseni – 1.200 km

*The tour can be made on reverse upon your request.


Day 1: Brasov – Rentea – Azuga Valley – Diham cottage – Poiana Marului (120 km, 80% off road)

We start the 4×4 adventures tour from Brasov and hit Rentea Peak with great view of Brasov from above. After crossing nice forests driving to Azuga Valley, we take the challenging off road trip to Diham Cottage with amazing view of Bucegi Mountains Ridge. In the afternoon, we will explore off road Poiana Marului area, a fairytale place with spectacular landscapes. You will see authentic shepherds with their flocks of sheep and enjoy landscapes that come straight from picture books.

Overnight in Plaiul Foii area, close by Piatra Craiului National Park.

**we can add optional Adrenaline Activities like zip-line, rappelling, etc – 1 hour

**we can add optional horse riding in mountains – 1 or 2 hours


Day 2 Poiana Marului – Traditional Villages – Amfiteatru Transylvania – Bran Castle – Fagaras Mountains (180 km, 40% off road)

Caravana jeep-uriThis morning we will continue 4×4 adventures tour to the traditional villages of Magura and Pestera, with some of the best breathtaking views in Romania. Afterwards, we will visit a very special place Amfiteatru Transylvania where you can discover spectacular views, remote traditions, animal farm, living water spring, traditional local food and drinks. Visit the famous Bran (Dracula’s) Castle, known as the home of Dracula`s spirit. On our way, we will meet local people and discover their traditional way of life. We will across gorgeous landscapes with magnificent views over the Fagaras Mountains.

Overnight in the Fagaras Mountains area

**we can add optional kayaking on Pecineagu Lake – 3 hours

Day 3 Transfagarasan Road – Saxon Villages – Sighisoara – Bazna  (240 km, 10% off road)

4x4-Tours-A123R1200Today you will have the most exciting drive on Transfagarasan route, consdered the second-highest paved road in Romania (situated at an altitude of 2055 meters above sea level) with the longest road tunnel in the country (887 m). The Top Gear team stated Transfagarasan road” the best road in the world”. On the way you will be amazed by the scenery over the Fagaras Mountains. You will see  Balea Lake, a natural glacier lake at 2040 m and Balea Waterfalls, one of the most beautiful waterfall in Romania.  Arrive in Sighisoara and enjoy a walking tour of medieval citadel, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 4×4 adventures tour offers a great chance to enjoy the authentic experiences in the middle of the beautiful orchard at Bazna village: a visit to the animal farm, a walk through orchard and pick up fruits directly from trees. Optional you can taste delicious homemade dinner with organic food. Overnight in Bazna.

**we can add optional ATV riding in the orchard trees – 1 or 2 hours


Day 4 Bazna – Turda Salt Mine – Baisorii Mountains (190 km, 40% off road)

4x4 Tours VideoContinue 4×4 adventures tours into amazing Transylvania and admire large vineyards spread over the hills and remote saxon villages. Next stop is the fabulous salt mine of Turda, unique in Europe. The salt mine, which dates as far back as the 17th century, was used for everything from a cheese storage center to a bomb shelter in WWII after excavations stopped in 1932.Today, it has been transformed into an incredible underground theme park. Next destination of our 4×4 adventures tour is the beautiful Geo-Botanical Reserve, Scarita Belioara . End the day with a campfire and overnight in Baisorii Mountains area.


Day 5 Baisoara – Apuseni Mountains – Coiba Mare Cave – Izbucul Tauz – Albac (160 km, 80% off road)

4x4 Incentive_2_1200

Today we start our drive to the Apuseni Mountains, the underground world of caves. There are more than 7000 caves, many of them still unexplored completely. You will discover amazing views of the green mountains, colorful open meadows and gorges. Numerous rivers have cut spectacular canyons and created the most fascinating caves. You will meet people whose unique way of life is still a long row of traditions and customs and whose stories are as old as the mountains. Discover the Coiba Mare Cave and spectacular natural landscape of the Izbucul Tauz (a spring with intermittent flow). This is the largest underwater cave in Romania, with a depth of over 100 meters. We will finish the 4×4 adventures for today with overnight rest in Albac.


Day 6: Albac – Galbena Passes – Bears`Cave  – Arieseni  (160 km, 80% off road)


Caravana jeep-uriIn the last day of our 4×4 adventures tour, we drive through magnificent Galbena Passes, the largest and wildest canyon in the Apuseni Mountains. You will get the best spots for amazing photo opportunities. Visit one of the best equipped karstic formations in the Europe, Bears` Cave which hosts large quantities of bones of cave bears, disappeared 15.000 years ago. Continue our journey to Cetatile Ponorului and be prepared for absolutely breathtaking views of this mountain road. This fabulous area is one of the best places of Apuseni Mountains. We will walk about one hour to see the most spectacular karst formation of Romania. Overnight in Arieseni.

Thank you for visiting Romania!


* Programs can be modified depending on the weather conditions and tours are customized on request.


  • Bran (Dracula`s) Castle –It is considered to be among the 10 most beautiful medieval castles in the world with a history of over 600 years, which carries the famous legend of Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Tepes). The castle was built by the inhabitants of Brasov in the 14th century for militarily strategic role, in order to protect the mountains pass from the invading Turks. That’s the reason why the inhabitants of Brasov built the Castle on their own work and expenses. Later, the castle became a customs post on the Bran pass between Transylvania and Wallachia. 
  • Brasov – a commercial and handicraft center of Transylvania since the fourth century, a museum-city of tourist interest where you can visit the Vestiges of the Ancient Citadel of Brasov, Black Church, Schei Romanian School, the oldest school with teaching in Romanian, the first in the three Romanian countries, and the Old Downtown of the city with medieval burg aspect.
  • Canyon of Zarnesti- deep and narrow limestone canyon, located near the city of Zarnesti, in Piatra Craiului National Park was formed by the collapses of a cave roof.
  • Sighisoara – the historical center of Sighisoara is the most famous inhabited medieval citadel in southeastern Europe. Included in the UNESCO world heritage and situated on the list of protected monuments, the fortress-city hosts dozens of architectural ensembles of Gothic – rural, Renaissance and Baroque styles. A walk through the town’s hilly streets with their original medieval architecture, magical mix of winding cobbled alleys, steep stairways, secluded squares, towers, turrets and enchantingly preserved citadel, is like stepping back in time.
  • Transfagarasan Road – the second-highest paved road in Romania (situated at an altitude of 2055 meters above sea level) with the longest road tunnel in the country (887 m) and amazing scenery over the Fagaras Mountains. The road was built as a strategic military route and runs North to South across the highest mountains of Romania. The Top Gear team stated Transfagarasan road” the best road in the world”.
  • Izbucul Tauz – the natural reserve declared a natural monument is the largest underwater cave in Romania,with a depth of over 100 meters. It is situated in Garda de Sus village, near the Glacier of Scarisoara. Due to its depth was explored by some of the largest cave in Europe. Here life has lost one of its most tenacious explorers – an experienced diver from Poland – Polish caver Garske Rafal, 4 October 2002. Submerged cave reaches a length of 105 meters and a length of over 400 meters.
  • Bears` Cave – was discovered in 1975 during a dynamite made from marble quarry in the area. Bears’ Cave is located the western Apuseni Mountains and received its name after the 140 cave bear skeletons which were discovered on the site in 1983.The cave bear, also known as Ursus spelaeus, is a species of bear which became extinct during the Last Glacial Maximum, about 27,500 years ago. Due to the loss of a rock cave was blocked and more than 140 bears were trapped inside.
  • Off-road tours of rare beauty, the optimal choice of 4×4 Tours team to facilitate legal access and in maximum security in wild places with sensational views over Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, Ciucas, Baiului, Postavaru, Piatra Mare, Iezer, Fagaras and Apuseni Mountains.


Departure Dates:

18  – 23, July , 2018  :

15  – 20, August, 2018

5 – 10, September, 2018

The price is 730 Euro per each 4×4 vehicle.

The 4×4 adventures tour can be made with minimum 3 and maximum 8 off road vehicles.

40% advance payment at booking for reserving the resources and rest within 30 days before departure date.

We reserve the right to cancel the tour with 30 days before departure date if there are not minimum 3 vehicles.

The price includes:

  • Tourists assistance services by Romanian Local English guide travelling in a leading support 4×4 vehicle
  • Towing and Recovery Equipment
  • All fuel and other expenses for the guide vehicle
  • All meals for the “4×4 Tours” guide
  • VAT

The price does not include:

  • Costs for traveling to/from meeting point – Romania
  • Individual fuel and toll costs for every 4×4 vehicle
  • Individual accommodation expenses in roof tents
  • Optional accommodation in pensions / hotels during the tour (if the group decides to and weather conditions are bad).
  • For half board (breakfast and dinner) with accommodations in double twin rooms in 3/4* pensions/hotels the price is 240 EUR / pax / 5 nights.
  • Additional fees for single room occupancy – 100 EUR per person / 5 nights
  • Individual food and drink expenses. Lunch will be in a local restaurant or as a picnic in nice places
  • Servicing expenses by third parties
  • Other individual expenses
  • Travel insurance specific for the off-road and adventure tourism
  • Other optional fees not mentioned in the program

Your vehicle for Transylvania tour should include:

  • MT tires (we have very varying terrain)
  • A shovel; a compact axe, and a saw
  • One or more dynamic ropes for recovery
  • Complete personal camping equipment
  • 12 V fridge and additional equipment for preparing food
  • Additional fuel can with 10-20 l of fuel reserve
  • CB radio

You should also consider:

  • We expect you to arrive with a vehicle in good technical condition, which can endure a week of demanding off-roading.
  • Winch (may speed up recovery in case of problems)
  • A moderate lift – at least 2″
  • Protective sheets over your paint (if you mind scratching)
  • Vehicles with low gear are mandatory for this 4×4 adventures tour in Romania


For other detailed information do not hesitate to contact us.

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